That is Scottish Tablet he’s eating. This stuff is like maple-flavored sugar in a dry-fudge brick that will give you instant diabetes it’s so sweet. 

John Hayes, our Scottish Academic contact while I was studying abroad bought one and made me try it. It is apparently, the Scottish candy that cannot be missed. A little sugary diabetes square of Scotland. 

And it -is- pretty good. 

4 weeks ago
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The Double-9 Lord (x)

3 months ago
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Hello! I’m relatively new to tumblr, and I just wanted to submit something to your blog. I have absolutely no context for this picture, but that somehow makes it better. :)

Thank you.

Never has pink been this pretty.

Emmett Carver in Gracepoint Trailer

DT behind the scenes of Gracepoint


David Tennant: Gracepoint trailer screencaps

David Tennant in the new Gracepoint Trailer (x)

Some inspiration from DT (x)

Go on, lads.

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